PVC  stylish cute toilet with OPP bag waterproof  toilet paste - Code: TYM2 - 1004

PVC stylish cute toilet with OPP bag waterproof toilet paste - Code: TYM2 - 1004

Brand: Korea WallSticker
Product Code: tym2-1004
Availability: Pre-Order
RM12.90 RM6.00

SIZE :33*39CM


Instructions for use:
1, if you are attached to the surface of the glass or ceramic tile, because the material is relatively smooth, paste before the best with a clean cloth to dry the face, so it is easier to paste, and the formation of good results;
2, some larger pattern attached, flattened may have a little bubbles appear, then you can scrape cards blow bubble removal or with a needle will be small bubbles punctured smooth can and will not affect the overall adhesive effect.
3, if the paste damp walls, aging or just brush the paint, glue, may cause wall stickers off automatically, or can cause peeling walls, you can use hair dryer, hot air will dry wall or to be paint volatile for some time after the paste, but the effect may differ, so please majority of customers to choose the posted position;
4, if not careful wall stickers affixed to the wrong position, can use a knife to slice will be affixed to the wall corner gently off tear off and re paste can be, under normal circumstances this product can be reused, as long as it is not torn.
5, DIY series products of layout size is close, you can play unlimited creative, free to permutation and combination shape and position can be to use a pair of scissors pattern were cut, cut the time be careful not to cut to the pattern, and then to the general layout design, in hand to create a unique creative space
product description
You can scrub translucent PVC membrane material, 100% imported raw materials, environmental protection, waterproof, non fade, don't become warped edge, dirty, paste in smoothing the surface of the arbitrary background walls, ceramic tile, glass, furniture etc..
Bring back glue, adhesive to glue shift, many times repeated paste (paste the wall can be readily peeled off and do not hurt the wall), but it should be noted that the viscosity of the gum and the wall surface integration will be increasingly strong, paste, long period of time after the repeated use will reduce.
Without transfer film, paste can be directly.
Using method
Determine is affixed to the surface is a smooth surface, concave and convex fold skin to peel off the site, or at the end of the embryo paint did not do a good job in metope, do not paste.
Choose the paste position, clean up the dust and grease veneer, ensure the surface dry and clean.
According to the order of the paste to do a simple plan, of course, can also be carried out in accordance with their own wishes DIY.
The stickers gently and bottom paper pasted directly without peeling, transfer film, paste paste first and then to the left and right middle tile press.
Product description the effect of image due to different display settings vision there will be a slight color difference, please to color alignment required to perfect parents buy shoot, thank you.
2-3. Because the actual inventory change at any time, please buy again prior to confirm whether or not the inventory, thank you very much; delivery time is generally within 3 days, thank you.
The. Before shipment we will carefully check the product quality, check the number of packages, close to receive the goods, please check carefully, if it is found that the number of products in the package do not match, or damaged goods, please contact with us at any time, thank you.
















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