Professional To Remove Stubborn Acne Tool - Code: 1930

Professional To Remove Stubborn Acne Tool - Code: 1930

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Product Code: 1930
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Professional To Remove Stubborn Acne Tool

Easily solve acne !!

Easily clip a minor acne

Price: 1pcs = rm19, 2pcs = rm30

Size: 11.5cm






How To Use:


1. Prepare alcohol, acne clip / needle blackheads or whiteheads, anti-inflammatory water, cotton swabs, cotton.


2. After cleansing with sterile clip acne, acne hand Grab one end clip using the tip at the other end carefully pull out the acne or acne clamped to both safety and health.


3. Use a cotton pad or cotton swab to wipe clean after applying anti-inflammatory water, avoid swelling scars (strongly suggest that you first with hot steam surface, so that the pores naturally open and then with black needles, it is easier to squeeze and not to hurt the skin ).


4. After the squeeze water preferably coated with anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory creams, anti-inflammatory astringent, to avoid inflammation and swelling, and will not scars.




Video Tutorial:





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