Keep Slim Health Slimming Fit Loss Weight Magnetic

Keep Slim Health Slimming Fit Loss Weight Magnetic

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Traditional Chinese Herbal

1 stick for RM1.5

1 box for RM60 (Include 40 sticks)

1 effect courses to need buy 3 boxes RM180 free shipping  (1个疗程要3盒西马包邮)


The general customers are advised to give yourself 2 months to slim down, our products can help you balance the liver and gastrointestinal tract, after use the next morning will help u defecation smoothly.



Traditional Chinese medicine magnet navel used in Chinese cooking, external application of weight loss, without internal medicine have side effects, weight loss affixed with a magnet could activate the activity of fatty acid, accelerate fat waste decomposition, the excreted with metabolism.  中药磁石肚脐采用中药调理,外敷减肥,不用内服药有副作用,减肥贴有磁石能激活脂肪酸活性,加速体内脂肪废物分解,使之随代谢排出体外。


How to use:
1)Directly attached to the navel .  直接贴在肚脐


2)For fat friends, can be directly put down and go directly to tear paste navel stuffed a magnet. More conducive to absorption.   比较胖的朋友或,可以直接把药贴直接撕下来和磁石一起往肚脐里塞一下,更利于吸收。


3)  The adhesive plaster allergy, before use can be in around the navel, coated with a thin a layer of moisturizing products, then paste can solve problem of allergy.  注意一下,对胶布过敏者,使用前可以在肚脐周围薄薄涂上一层润肤品之后,再贴上基本可以解决过敏的问题。


4)  This product (three boxes) a course, every day 1, menstruation and pregnant women should not use. Day or also can be stuck, suggest sticking up at night, the morning general detoxification on the toilet, attached to 8 hours.  本品(三盒)一个疗程,每天1贴,月经和孕妇不能使用。白天或也间都可以贴,比较建议夜间贴敷,一般早上起身排毒上厕所,贴8个小时。


5)Before going to bed posted a day off, the most effective, drink plenty of water  睡觉前贴一片最有效,白天摘下来,多喝水


6)Weight loss is the most important safe and effective! The effect is good, hurt the body The loss outweighs the gain!
This product is a pure traditional Chinese medicine slimming paste, preparation of traditional Chinese prescription,Herbal medicine + magnet, without any stimulation and effect, 20 pac per box  mail, strongly recommend purchase 2-3box above 
( 2-3 treatment, combined with diet and exercise effect is best)
Note: the use of this product can't eat after 9 p.m ,Going to bed early, can not stay up late not overeating,
To better light, vegetable dish!
If you set the willpower to lose weight, please shut up the first tube,
Not meat, do not eat too full, eat too greasy.
If you use this product, must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the use of,
If you stay up late, eat greasy food and drink, then lose weight















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