Explosion black opaque frosted glass film window Tinted

Explosion black opaque frosted glass film window Tinted

Brand: Kellyshops
Product Code: GB6025
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RM55.00 RM25.00

CODE: GB6025

Explosion black opaque frosted glass film window Tint


60cm x 1 meter =RM 25



The strong sunlight will make people's eyes fatigue, will make you be dizzy?

Material: environmental protection type PVC back belt glue, tear can stick

Features: waterproof, surface grinding, privacy, posted on the glass transparent opaque. Do not leave off offset.

Quality: posted on the glass, safety explosion-proof membrane because of its superior viscosity, prevent glass fragments caused by the injury. Opaque film can the use of barrier to live more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, so that the indoor carpet, high-grade furniture, furnishings and other furniture can be more lasting.



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